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Improving Home’s Appearance

My house was starting to look shabby and I wanted to improve my home’s curb appeal. I don’t have that great of taste so I called my Sheffield escorts friend to help me out. She had some great ideas and it did not cost me as much as I thought it was going to.

She added some colorful plants and fresh red mulch to restore the color back into my yard. We painted my fence with a tan toned paint and replaced the old rusted hardware. She suggested that I add shutters around the windows, they made my house look like a totally different home. I have two light fixtures that had not worked for several years. All I had to do was some rewiring and now my yard glows at night.

I am so happy that she assisted me in improving the appearance of my home! I made sure that I paid her well and took her out to dinner.

A Tough Decision

I am almost growing ill from all the fighting my mother and I have been doing. She has been taking care of my children now for six months because I could not afford to take care of them after their father left me last year. She has recently taken it upon herself to not let me visit the children due to the fact that I am dating someone from Nottingham escorts. She finds it disgusting and told me that until I left him I could not step foot through her door. I am at a complete loss of words over all of this. I love him so much it hurts, but I could never choose a man over seeing my children. I wish more than anything she would have a change of heart but I do not see it happening. So I guess I have a very tough decision to make.

Weekend Pleasure

I love my life of being a beautiful and single female with an awesome career. Most of my days are long 12 hour days at the office and I am very dedicated to my company. Over the years I have received many raises and bonuses to get me where I am now. I have never needed to rely on anyone to help me buy my own car, house or even pay my bills. Over my years of previous dating I have been lucky and have no children.

Being in my late twenties I need to be pleasured here and there, I have a man on the side that comes over for the weekend. We have many entertaining things that we like to do together including no strings attachedĀ fuck buddy sex, its the best! After the long weekend it is back on to my normal daily work activities for my awesome career.